Give Hope

When you purchase a Lily Claire bag you support one child at the Boran Children’s Education Center in Nairobi, Kenya

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Give Back

 One bag educates one child

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Give Beauty

 Your Lily Claire Bag will become your go to bag for beauty and style

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Lily Claire is an act of obedience for me. It is God’s company and every day I am excited to see where He takes it.  The one thing I know is that wherever He leads is good.

Lisa Sooter Founder

Lily Claire is unique.  Not only in that our bags are something you don’t see everyday but in our mission.  To me Lily Claire is about steadfast women supporting endeavors that glorify God locally and across the world.

Claire Sooter Founder

Our aim  is to change one life at a time. By changing the life of a child we will be changing the family’s life and the surrounding community as a whole. In return, this child and the family will be able to give back to the community and become a positive contributing force to the surrounding community. 

Lily Sooter Founder

We provide nutrition, health care, education and life skills to all needy and deserving children and families at the Boran Children’s Centre. Children do not choose their parents, their location of birth, or their surroundings. We have a responsibility to protect and take care of them. Putting an end to the cycle of poverty is our mission.

Fina Roba Assistant Director

Meet Our Team

These are the people who make Lily Claire bags what it is now.

My Lily Claire Story

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