Growing by Grace

Do you have a favorite word, one that sounds good to your ears every time you hear it? Elizabeth Gilbert does. If you have read her blockbuster best selling novel Eat Pray Love like a gazillion of us did, you know that as Liz went on her journey of healing and self-discovery she worked on her dream of learning to speak Italian. That is when she fell in love with the Italian word “Attraversiamo”. Attraversiamo means, “let’s cross over”. To her, this simple pedestrian word that means nothing more than “let’s cross the street” is beautiful. Every time she hears the word it ‘goes right through her’.


That is how I feel about the word “GRACE”. I love it. Every time I hear it, see it or think about it I can feel my heart swell up in my chest. I feel excitement, peace and a sort of revved up VROOM VROOM thing going on inside–every single time. It happened again this morning during quiet time when I read this in the First 15 devotional:


“God’s grace is meant to be our catalyst to living passionate lives that bear fruit of eternal value. You weren’t meant to go through the motions. You weren’t created to live a normal life that’s impact only lasts for this life. God in his grace and love has called you to more. You were made for a life of deep and lasting impact. You were made to share God’s heart with the world.”


Now THAT is exciting, people! That makes my heartbeat fast and my stomach get all fluttery. That is what God made us for—passion—impact—eternal value. I cannot think of one thing that is more exciting than that fact. There is nothing I want more —not a material good, not success, not recognition, not a relationship—nothing.


Every time I sit down to write my heart comes back to this fact. Lily Claire is an obedience for me. It is a place God told me to go, without knowing, as a part of his plan for me to live with passion, impact and eternal value. Much like God told Abram to set out from Haran, his home in the beautiful and rich land of Ur, and head out into the desert without anything. Not even a specific destination. All Abram had was God’s direction and this promise, “I will bless you.” Read the story for yourself in Genesis 12 and then read Hebrews 11 for a beautiful synopsis of what God does with faith like that.


I have no idea why God said “Lisa, make the bag” and as I look around and see how ill equipped I am to make an accessories company go, I think “This makes no sense Lord. Can I stop now?”   And I bet that Abraham felt that same thing a bunch of times as he ran into all sorts of trouble after he left his cushy, fab life in Ur for a trek across the desert into famine, hostility and family strife. How many times do you think he said in the quietness of his heart “Yahweh, can I stop now? “


Grace is such an amazing thing. It saves, guides, forgives, excites, comforts and inspires. God’s grace also provides and in the case of Lily Claire the provision that is needed is a person, a champion an experienced doer to grab hold of the raw material of God’s direction to me and take it out of its cushy, fab little place in my house into the unknown place he intends for it to go. That is what God is saying Lily Claire needs and I know that by his grace he will provide it.


Every person who reads this blog has a sphere of influence. If you are reading this God has put the seed of caring in your heart. We ask for your prayers of provision, that God would bring the person—a champion, the funding and every single little thing that is needed to take Lily Claire where he intends for it to go. If, when you read this, your heart starts to beat a little faster and you feel that VROOM VROOM in your soul—listen to it. Ask God what that means. One of you may be the person he has for Lily Claire, one of you may be the connector to that person, one of you may have a heart to get involved in another way whether by prayer or offering your unique gifts and talents. If you feel that, call, write, comment—let us know your heart. We want to hear it.


Whatever happens when you read this know that God’s grace does not stop at saving you—that is just the beginning. God’s grace wants to give you the life you are meant for the one your heart yearns for. By his grace he wants to give you passion—impact –and eternal value.