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My Lily Claire Story: Ruth Ran

Hello, my name is Ruth Ran and I am an ordinary Chinese girl who grew up in a village. I came to know the Lord when I was twenty-two and now I am twenty-six. I always thought twenty-two is my lucky nu…
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My Lily Claire Story: Usha

I am a Christian. I live in Northern India. Here there are not many Christians. It is a region of many religions Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism are all here. My husband and I are from…
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The Lily Behind Lily Claire

The Lily Behind Lily Claire I am the “Lily” half of Lily Claire. I imagine my Lily Claire story is not what most people would expect. For what seems like years now, “the purse” has been a hot …
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Laughter and Love with Lily Claire

I could not remember the name of the seventh dwarf. Neither could Joe. But they did not care. All six of the little eyes that were staring at us from their bunk beds at Emily’s Place were rapt. The …
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My Lily Claire Story: Diana

I am traveling on a path with God. My mission is to help people take simple obedient steps toward God and His calling on their life. Lily Claire is my friend Lisa’s obedience to God’s calling on …
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Irene’s Prayer for Lily Claire

Irene prayed that God would do for Lily Claire what he did for Noah and Solomon—give them exact measurements and materials to use. I LOVED that! It is just a bag it is not an ark or a temple but it …
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My Lily Claire Story: Connie

Lily Claire is a company I feel passionate about because they are giving back to a wonderful organization that helps woman start over in life. So many people have no idea what it’s like to deal with…
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The Lord is Leading

Fear was my first recognizable emotion.   I have always said that the first thing you think about when you wake up is where your heart is. This morning before I could even form a thought I felt fear…
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Growing by Grace

Do you have a favorite word, one that sounds good to your ears every time you hear it? Elizabeth Gilbert does. If you have read her blockbuster best selling novel Eat Pray Love like a gazillion of us …
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