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I have been drawing a little graphic lily flower since before my Lily was born. I was probably 8 years old when I started dreaming about names for my imaginary children. Thank God I did not have them …
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Winter Weary and Ready for Sunshine

Dallas is blanketed in the most beautiful of powder this morning and the engine of every day is again set on idle in North Texas. The hush that comes with a snowfall gave a new meaning to “quiet” …
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Emily’s Place and their Impact

This week the sweet folks at Emily’s Place posted a shout out on their Facebook page to my daughter, Claire, thanking her for mentoring and tutoring their kids every week. It made this Momma’s hea…
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Inspiration from India

The inspiration for Lily Claire was planted long before it became reality. It really began during a mission trip to India in November of 2009 (sometimes the distance between faith and sight takes awhi…
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The Lily Claire Story

Lily Claire is 100% a Godthing. It started with a bag that I loved and carried for over a decade. A bag that became my go to bag for every day and for travel. A bag that was so functional and lightwei…
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