Lily Claire is a company I feel passionate about because they are giving back to a wonderful organization that helps woman start over in life. So many people have no idea what it’s like to deal with abuse on a daily basis and have no one to turn to for help. Small contributions can give these women hope for a new life.

As a child, I suffered severe abuse from my biological father and I understand what these women are going through. Fortunately, my mother had a good job so we did not have a problem financially. My sweet, loving, young mother married at eighteen to a very controlling and abusive man. Once the physical abuse started, she felt she had no way out of the relationship. It was the mid-sixties and she had been taught to over look the negative and work through the issues, never get a divorce. Once I arrived, things just got worse, he was a very jealous man and did not want to share my mother with anyone…including myself. My mother did not have a good support system to rely on, she had dealt with dysfunction in one form or another her entire life, this, was really her normal. My mother had never gone to counseling to get a professional opinion and find a way out of the relationship. Every time she would try to leave he would threaten to kill himself and us. Unfortunately, I was abused mentally, physically, and sexually for 13 years. My mother was not aware of the sexual abuse until I was 33 years old.

After many years of prayer, God lead me to a wonderful counselor that guided me through the process of telling my mother the truth about the years of abuse I endured from my father.

God is the one that gave me the courage to tell her the truth.

Fortunately, my mother was divorced ten days later and we all live a very peaceful God filled life now. As the bible says, you have to walk through the fire to get to the other side. It doesn’t mean the journey is easy, but it is possible. Trusting God in his timing was everything for me, I was terrified but I gave it to God and he got us through without getting hurt. God has also blessed me with a wonderful husband and father. I now get to see what a wonderful father is like, a man who truly loves his daughters and enjoys them to the fullest. It’s ok that I didn’t have a good father, God has shown me what it’s like through my children’s eyes…and it’s beautiful!


As a survivor of abuse, I have had countless conversations with my three daughters about abusive relationships. They understand the way a woman should be treated, and what a healthy relationship consists of.

They know it’s “o.k.” to stand up to their boyfriend/spouse and stop the dysfunction before it gets started. One of my biggest achievements in life is knowing I have broken the chain of dysfunction in my family.

I have raised three beautiful, educated, strong women that will not tolerate abuse of any kind. Let’s break the cycle of abuse and educate our children at an early age, be a good example.

We now have organizations women can turn to for help. We, as a society, need to encourage friends and family to make that change for themselves and their children. To help them understand the dysfunction they are subjecting themselves and their children to. Please be that encouraging voice that helps these women reach out to the different organizations that are now available to them. They need to realize there is hope. They just need a little encouragement to start moving in the right direction to change their lives forever. They deserve a better life.