I am traveling on a path with God. My mission is to help people take simple obedient steps toward God and His calling on their life. Lily Claire is my friend Lisa’s obedience to God’s calling on her life.

 I am inspired by her determination to follow God’s call to something so big that for the vision to be successful it will most definitely be a Godthing. Seeing her follow God¹s voice has inspired me to follow my dreams.


I prayed about the work that God is doing through Lily Claire because Lisa asked me to work with her. When I prayed about it I felt God was saying yes He wanted me to walk this path. Since I do not know exactly how to do that I kept praying and asking God what exactly He wanted me to do to. In answer to that prayer He spoke these words to me:


“I will carry out the miraculous work of Lily Claire.  It will be a testament to me.”


Then I knew that I could wait in peace without feeling like I had to make something happen. I could rest. I am waiting for God to show me exactly what He wants from me and as I wait God is moving forward with the Lily Claire vision.  I am at rest in the waiting.


Are you at rest?  If not, let God show you His path for your life. You just need to be obedient as you hear His voice.


Here are 4 steps to finding rest for your soul:


  1. Stand – We often come to crossroads in our lives, when we do it is perfectly okay to just wait.  Stand there; do not move forward. Just wait. Do not compromise. Do not turn around. Just wait. Wait for God’s direction and stand on His promises to you.


  1. Look – Observe what He has done and what He is doing, but do not move until you talk to Him and know in your heart the way you are to go.


  1.  Ask and Ask – Find people who are mature in Christ, who are older or wiser than you and ask about God’s ancient paths. Read about history, read the bible and ask yourself what are the ancient paths that worked for other Christians.  Ask directions to the “the good way” when you study scripture. God’s word is full of advice and commandments about the way we should live and the paths we should take.


  1. Walk – Once you find the right path, the “good way” you will know it is the God way and all you will need to do is pick up your feet point them in the right direction and walk.


We can all find rest by taking simple obedient steps. My prayer is that you will find rest for your soul. This is what the Lord says:


“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16


And P.S. I absolutely love my Lily Claire bag! It holds everything whether I am going to the beach or the classroom. It is taking me on a journey and I am not turning back.