My Lily Claire Story: Ruth Ran

Hello, my name is Ruth Ran and I am an ordinary Chinese girl who grew up in a village. I came to know the Lord when I was twenty-two and now I am twenty-six. I always thought twenty-two is my lucky number, so when I was having my twenty-second birthday, I hoped something important would happen. Then it really happened! After knowing the Lord, I was baptized and my life was totally changed.

September 2010 was the first time I heard the Gospel.

At that time there were many foreign students from Africa at my university. Because my major was English language, I became very interested in these foreign friends. We started to get to know each other on the playground through playing table tennis together, and after that we exchanged contacts and I was willing to teach them Chinese language. We studied language together for half a year, during which time they shared the Good News about Jesus Christ with me and brought me to the university fellowship.

I grew up in an atheistic country, so in my eyes believing in Jesus was very foolish. Therefore it was strange to see so many post graduate students and PHD students from this key university at the fellowship. They were very smart, so why did they believe in Jesus? I wanted to make friends with some of the very outstanding students, so I often joined them at the fellowship.

After attending the group more, and listening to more truth, I understood that a person cannot service two lords.

My life had more struggles when I realized I was faced with a choice. I had two lords in my life: one was Jesus Christ, and another one was my boyfriend. My boyfriend was a very capable man, and I trusted and relied on him a lot. But he lied to me and had another girlfriend in a different place. I felt very sad but I could not live life without him. The more I got to understand the Bible truth about marriage, the more I knew I was sinful. Nobody could touch the hurt and pain deep in my heart.

My best friend encouraged me to visit the pastor. I took her advice and stayed at the pastor’s apartment for a week for free. The pastor and his wife’s marriage model was something I had never seen before. They had family commitment; they would thank each other as well as apologize. At their apartment I read lots of books about marriage which had a big influence on my life.

One of the writers really touched my heart. While reading this writer’s book, I felt she knew me and every sentence in the book was expressing my thoughts! In the end, I understood that marriage in Christ is the kind I want, so I broke up with my boyfriend. Even though I suffered many pains and struggles, I experienced God’s forgiveness and blessing. This made me believe that God is the One that is true!

Because of the benefits I received from these books, I had a vision that I was to spread the message by writing articles.

I wanted to spread the Good News to people who were in need. A man at his lowest point will not tell people about his pain but he will not stop seeking and reading. So words about life would be his best solution.

I had another burden to help the girls who were struggling with love. I knew they did not know God and they were looking to men for fulfillment in love. I wanted to learn how to help them to know the Heavenly Father and their value in God’s eyes.

Thanks to the Lord, after I had the vision I found a job as an editor at the company that I am now working for. I write articles which have been influencing many people – more than ten thousand through the website.

The Esther APP is one of the platforms I use to influence people. This APP was developed in April by our team. Ten thousand sisters downloaded the app and became our clients! We, all the sisters, have the goal to become godly women and helpers who know God well.

Since I have experienced heartbrokenness, I notice details that indicate the degree of fullness and health in women’s hearts. I noticed that articles about how to do things in godly ways are very popular, and our clients are interested in stories about how to become all that God wants them to be.

When I published stories related to healing and freedom, I discovered that my articles touched their hearts and souls.

One sister left me a message that said she had known God for a long time, but she had been away from church for a long time, too. After reading the article, she was moved and decided to return to church.

Most of our clients are from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the big cities, and the APP downloaded most often is the app at iTunes for iPhone. That means most of our clients are financially well off but it also means they need fullness in life. I will continue serving The Esther APP and sharing helpful passages with them.

In 27th-28th May 2016, we held a conference in China called Esther initiative. We invited 120 women leaders with the goal to empower and equip them, and train them how to encourage others. During the training I got to spend time getting to know one of our speakers, Lisa, and learn about her ministry.

God is so amazing and faithful! I have been really encouraged by what she’s doing. It’s an honor to take part in her ministry at Lily Claire. I really hope Lily Claire can help more and more young ladies know Jesus, and that God will help them live out their beauty which is God’s design. May God bless Lily Claire and let it become a blessing to all sisters!