I am the “Lily” half of Lily Claire. I imagine my Lily Claire story is not what most people would expect. For what seems like years now, “the purse” has been a hot topic of discussion in our household. When my mom first started carrying her classic bag, she went on and on about how much she loved it. She carried it everywhere and refused to change to any other bag. When we went shopping or to the hair salon or really anywhere else we always got at least one question about the bag. When she went on work trips she would come back and tell us about how she carried everyone’s stuff the whole trip with the magic carpetbag. When we got a puppy (Lola) for Christmas a few years back, the purse became her home, a safe haven for a little black ball of fur.

At this point it seems like this bag has always been a part of my life. But frankly, I can’t say that I have always been happy about it.

In fact, when my mom told my sister and I that she wanted to start a company where she would make this magical, amazing, ever-so-talked-about purse and give the proceeds to charity, I was annoyed. I was tired of hearing about the bag. I didn’t want my mom to start a new venture that would take time and money away from us. I didn’t want to continue to hear the same story about this silly purse over and over again. My Lily Claire journey started in a place of frustration, annoyance, and selfishness. I felt thrust into something that I didn’t want to be a part of. I felt like I had to be a part of this company because my name was on it.

But, the beautiful thing about Lily Claire is that this purse, this company takes people on a journey.   Every one of these journeys points to God- his love, his grace, his provision, and his mercy.

For a long time I had negative feelings about Lily Claire. I wasn’t supportive or encouraging to my mom and I didn’t care what God was going to do with the company. But, even though my journey started with frustration, annoyance, and selfishness God worked in me and through me. We serve a God who is pretty stinking cool. God is all-knowing and he had a plan for Lily Claire. He knew that one half of Lily Claire was going to be hesitant towards this whole idea. He knew that I wasn’t going to want to be involved. He knew that I was going to feel like I was forced into this just because the company had my name on it. But God in His mercy met me where I was.

He has spoken into the depths of my heart. He has shown me to never fear because he always provides. He has provided funds, connections, and incredible opportunities for Lily Claire that are simply impossible without His power. He tells me to get out of my comfort zone and out of my bubble because that is where impact for Him is made. He has taught me how to obey no matter how crazy an idea seems. He has shown me how fulfilling and joyful obedience is. But most of all, God has shown me how he takes broken, selfish, incapable people and does crazy world-changing things through them.

Today, He has taken my selfish and hardened heart and taught me so much about His character through this company.

Our family, especially my mom, has often wondered why God would ever put it on her heart to start a purse company when she knows nothing about purses. I firmly believe that this is why God chose us. We don’t know anything about purses, retail, or manufacturing.

God knew that when big things happen across the world through this company (which they will) that there would be no other explanation but Him, His power, and His provision.

God can do immeasurably more than we could ever ask for or imagine and that is what He has done for me through Lily Claire. God took my selfish, stubborn, sassy, frustrated 20-year-old heart and changed me. He spoke to me in the times and places I needed it most and is continuing to create the most incredible journey for me. I can now say that I am so proud to be a part of this company. I feel extremely lucky to have such a unique vantage point to this crazy process and can’t wait to see where God continues to take us in 2016 and throughout the rest of our years. I know he has a pretty breathtaking plan and I pray that everything Lily Claire does will always point to the One who paid it all.

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